How Bike Studio Works

Bike Studio takes you closer to perfect bike photography. It takes a few moments to hang the bicycle in the studio, spin it for a photo session, and publish the effects on the web. You keep full control of the process through dedicated software, which is also the dynamic engine for automatic background removal. You can use it for accessories or models - it’s versatility and speed at your service.

360° views

You get the unique ability to create 360° spins of bikes and products, all with the background cut from the pictures within seconds. It is easy, automatic, and frees you from tedious post-production.

All-in-one solution

The studio adapts to your style, skillset and workflow. It allows you to shoot bikes and all related goods as well as live models. Full range of applications in your hands.

Fast and Repeatable

Studio software controls all the necessary settings during the session and in post-production. Keep them safely in templates to invoke any time you need to repeat a setup. Workflows get faster and repeatable with a view to your growing business.

Made for Bikes

Shoot your bikes and all accessories you choose. Stay creative with countless possibilities.

Bike suspension system

Meet the new system for bike photography staging. The suspension system is operated from the ground and includes fishing lines with attachments to your bike and the motorized hanging kit at the ceiling of the unit. Use the secure mounts that can hold both single and double lines, attach them to the hanging kit with a rod, pull the bike-up and the stage is set for an innovatively effective spin.

Lighting zones

The lighting system features 6 powerful LED light sources and 12 individually controlled light zones. From the level of your computer you can operate the double-segmented backlight, top lamp, narrow lamp, and wide lamp. Gain new photographic freedom from the variety of lighting options available and expect as much as nearly one hundred and ninety thousand lumens of total light.

Motorized Camera

Orbitvu Motorized Camera Stand is the time-saving solution that allows you to control the camera directly from the interface at the operator stand. Tilt, zoom, elevation and camera distance regulation possibilities will adjust your field of view exactly as needed for a perfect shot.

Bike Studio in details

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